Our philosophy is simple we think that life is too short to drink bad coffee. In order to achieve consistently great coffee we spend a lot of time on the many steps from ‘crop to cup’.

In consultation with our specialist ‘Coffee Hunter’ we select the best green beans freshly picked during the most recent harvest from producers in the coffee growing world including Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia, India and Rwanda. As coffee is an agricultural product it inherits distinctive characteristics depending upon its botanical species, geographic origin, altitude, growing conditions, cultivation and processing methods.


Once we have chosen our green beans the next step is roasting. We do this on our Probat drum roaster in small batches and only on demand in order to ensure freshness of each batch. We roast each bean type separately to their optimal roast profile.
Some bean types are blended together to achieve a complex but well balanced cup of coffee. We also offer single origin coffees that come from small growers and estates or co-ops and feature flavour characteristics of distinction.