We also sell direct to the public and can provide home coffee lovers with the knowledge and tools they need to produce consistently good coffee. See our home brew guides below for all the information you need to produce good coffee at home.

Achieving good coffee at home is easy all you need is good quality fresh beans, a grinder, a home brewer e.g. plunger and hot water.

The quantities outlined below are guidelines only, adjust according to your own personal taste. Add more coffee for a stronger cup or less for a weaker one. Freshly ground coffee is best. Grind your beans just before brewing.


1. Preheat french press with hot water

2. Weigh out 1 tablespoon of beans for each cup of coffee. A 4 cup french press would need 4 tablespoons

3. Grind your beans to a coarse consistency (consistency of breadcrumbs)

4. Discard hot water used to warm plunger

5. Add ground coffee to the plunger and fill with water that is just off the boil.

6. After 1 minute stir your coffee place lid on and wait for 3 more minutes.

7. After 3 minutes gently press the plunger down, pour and enjoy.


1. Place aeropress on counter rubber side up.

2. Preheat with hot water.

3. Weigh out 14 grams of whole coffee beans (about 2 tablespoons).

4. Grind your beans to a medium consistency (consistency of table salt/sugar).

5. Discard water.

6. Add ground coffee to aeropress and add 180grams of water (just off the boil).

7. Stir to ensure ground coffee is fully saturated.

8. Screw on lid with filter.

9. After 1 minute flip aeropress and press directly into your coffee mug. Enjoy!


1. Grind about 6 tablespoons of coffee (42 grams) to a medium coarseness (consistency of table salt/sugar).

2. Place the filter in the chemex and moisten with hot water to seal the filter and remove paper taste. Discard water.

3. Add ground coffee to filter. Using hot water just off the boil moisten the coffee grounds.

4. Pour remaining hot water over coffee in a spiralling motion moving from the centre outwards and back to the centre.

5. It should take about 6 minutes for the water to filter through the coffee.

6. Discard filter, pour and enjoy.

7. If the coffee filters too slowly make the grind courser. If it drains too quickly grind the coffee to a finer consistency.


1. Fill the bottom with water up to the valve or a little over it.

2. Fill the filter basket with fine to medium ground coffee. The grind should be the consistency of table salt.

3. You need enough coffee to fill the filter basket, which is about 15 to 17 grams for a 4-cup Bialetti moka pot.

4. Place the filterbasket into the bottom, assemble the top, put the coffee maker on a low to medium heat.

5. Brewing should take about 5 minutes. If it takes longer, try raising the heat a bit next time. Brewing has completed when all the water has been percolated into the top. You can tell because the sound of the brewer changes from a sort of bubbling/spraying sound to a drier sound.