Craic coffee roasters is family run independent coffee roaster located in County Laois. Set up by husband and wife team, Helen and Adrian, having recently returned home after many years living and working in Sydney. It was in Sydney where their passion for and expertise in coffee really grew. Adrian set up and ran a successful bakery and café in the centre of Sydney where coffee was a major part of the business. Adrian worked as the head barista and also together with a local roaster to develop their own coffee blends for the shop. Through this experience he grew to love and appreciate the art and science of coffee roasting and wanted to develop this further.


So why the name ‘Craic Coffee Roasters’? For two simple reasons, the first being ‘first crack’ is one of the most important stages in the coffee roasting process after which flavour development takes place. Secondly and perhaps most importantly in Ireland nothing is taken more seriously than having the craic, we think the same about good coffee it should be something you enjoy but also taken seriously to ensure it’s always of a high standard.